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Some of our 'Happy Tails' & more!

as told by humans

My partner and I adopted Ciri (FKA Sierra) through Rescue Me VT in January 2018. We could have not had a better experience with Katie! She has been consistently supportive since the adoption whenever anything comes up (training/nutrition tips specifically). Ciri is a super smart, athletic dog who had a tough start. She required lots of guidance and training in her puppyhood. Katie trained her so well that she has excellent manners, got her in great shape with proper nutrition for her needs, and also socialized her appropriately. Because of this, Ci is up for just about anything. I think the rescue thing about Rescue Me VT is the work they do to make sure each dog gets the perfect home. Katie is great at understanding the personality of each dog, training them based on that, and then selecting a home where they will thrive. Ci could not be a better fit for our household. I have watched several other RMVT fosters short term, and have found each of them to have so much care put into their various needs and for their unique personalities. We are so happy to have Ciri (and Katie) in our lives!

- Ciri's Human (May 2018)


After having my Rescue Me VT pup for almost 4 months, I couldn't be happier or imagine how my pup (Annaly) hasn't always been a part of my life. From the beginning, and even now, it has felt natural. Katie made sure that I was good to go from the start and has frequently checked in, which I've found to be comforting knowing there's a reliable, experienced person out there in our community.


From the second I got Annaly, she was and continues to be great with other pups, people, and even small children. It is a huge stress reliever to know that my pup got placed in the right hands before I got her!! I've found my best friend who enjoys going on hikes and adventures just as much as her dad. I can't thank Katie and Rescue Me VT enough for the work they have done to prepare Annaly for being an excellent pup and friend. Katie provided so many helpful tips and tricks which I implement everyday.


Annaly is such a loving dog and this could be a result from the professional training and how well she was cared for before finding her forever home.

Thanks Rescue Me VT!!! You've found me THE pup of my dreams!!!!"

- Annaly's Human (September 2016)

Adopting Arlo (previously Karen) from Rescue Me VT has been a great experience for our family. Arlo is a spunky, energetic and very smart dog who needs a lot of mental and physical exercise to be  happy and healthy. The Rescue Me VT team supported our family immensely through our adoption transition. Additionally, the training Arlo received while living with her foster mom through the board and train program was a priceless benefit. Having a puppy who knew basic commands, was house broken, and well mannered was really nice!  Since adopting Arlo, she has become a city pup who lives in Boston. She loves to hike, swim, play with her dog friends, and learn new tricks. We are so happy we have her and that we got to rescue her from such an amazing organization!  

- Arlo's Human (May 2018)

We were rescued by Bella about 4 years ago.  We had been without dogs for over a year and were looking for a new pet.  Our daughter hooked us up with Katie and the rest is history.  We knew from the get go that Bella was the one.  When I went to pick her up the next day – she immediately came over to me and sat by my foot.  It’s like she knew.  We’ve had several dogs over the years but none have touched my heart or bonded the way she has.  She was truly meant to be with us.  Thank you Katie and Rescue Me VT for all you do! 

- Bella's Human (May 2018)

Rescue me VT is without a doubt the best! They are patient to match their pups with the best possible owners. The patience, dedication, and knowledge they share is nothing short of fantastic. I could not be happier to work with such an amazing rescue, run by amazing humans

- Clara's Human (January 2018)

It doesn't get any better than these folks- we adopted Iggy 2 years ago and couldn't be happier- Katie has been there for us to help with any training or other questions we had and has taught us so much! So grateful to have found Rescue Me VT!

- Iggy's Human (February 2017)

"Rescued + Trained : IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER!!

Taking the stress and chaos out of rescuing a pup in need from the shelter, Rescue Me VT helps to provide basic training, manners, socialization and more to get their adoptables ready for the real world and an awesome life in a new and loving forever home!

Some of the biggest issues rescued doggies face when entering their new home are problem behaviors, house training, leash manners, socialization and many other issues from being abandoned and neglected in the shelter with negative experiences.

Rescue Me VT works with professional trainers to take in special pups and give them the best foundation and skills before placing them in the perfect forever homes to live happily ever after! Sometimes we fall in love with a face or a name, but certain pups may not be the best fit for our lifestyle or family. Rescue Me VT works with all interested adopters to carefully pair the best pup for their home and lifestyle to offer success in bringing a new family member into your life!

It doesn't get much better than this :) !!!"

—  Christina Doughty, Balanced Life K9 Traning

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