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Adoption Contract

Upon adoption, you will be asked to sign the following Disclosure Agreement. 



By adopting a pet you understand and commit to:


I, ______________________________________, the undersigned, do declare that I am aware that Rescue Me VT INC. has disclosed all known information about the pet, and Rescue Me VT INC. makes neither guarantee nor any representation for this pets behavior, health, or temperament, and I accept full responsibility for any risks associated with owning this pet. Rescue Me VT INC. advises that any interaction between pets and children be closely supervised. By signing this agreement, I hereby release and waive any right or claim against Rescue Me VT INC., Katharine Delp, and/or any of its employees or independent contractors from any and all liability arising from adopting this pet, that I may have now or in the future, for any damages to person or property caused by this pet.


I understand the adoption fee for this pet named _________________ is $495. (Discounts for repeat adopters!)


  • I agree and promise to keep and provide for this pet for its lifetime.

  • I will always provide this pet with adequate, high quality food, fresh water, shelter, behavior and obedience training, and loving companionship.

  • I will provide both routine and emergency veterinary care as needed. This pet will receive an annual physical exam, including annual vaccinations and heartworm/lyme testing.

  • This pet will also be sterilized (spayed/neutered or alternative form of sterilization) by this date, ___________ (6 months for females, 9 months for males), and I will provide Rescue Me VT inc with a copy of the Sterilization Certificate at this time.

  • I agree never to abandon or deposit my pet at an animal shelter or research facility.

  • I agree to exhaust all options available to me including, but not limited to: obedience training, a behaviorist, crate training, or veterinary advice to solve a physical or behavioral problem that may occur with my adopted pet or between me and my adopted pet (including, but not limited to: reactive, fearful, anxious, hyper-aroused, defensive, or depressed behavior or actions).

  • If adopting a puppy, I understand that my puppy may go through fear stages. It is important to treat these fear stages with care and encourage confidence. If fear(s) follow puppies into adolescence, the fear can manifest into undesirable and stressful defensive behaviors, that may become dangerous over time if not properly addressed early on. I will seek professional guidance if I need assistance helping my puppy successfully move through it's fear stages.

  • I understand that dogs are sensitive emotional beings who are very susceptible to stress. Stress in dogs can manifest into undesirable and potentially dangerous behaviors (reactivity and/or aggression). I will seek professional guidance should I notice recurrent stress signals in my adopted pet. These stress signals include, but are not limited to: destruction of property or inappropriate objects, obsessive chewing or licking, frequent shivering/shaking and/or panting when not hot or cold, frequent yawning, reactive behavior (barking, lunging, snapping at people, other animals, or objects), pushy/bullying behavior, hair loss, unusual change in appetite, sleep habits, or social interactions, frequently tense body and muscles, and more. To learn more about canine body language and their stress signals, we highly recommend the DVD “Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You” by Turid Rugaas.

  • I agree to keep this pet in ideal physical health by ensuring they are not over (or under) fed and are receiving adequate physical exercise (Please see your veterinarian's body score diagram to determine optimal weight for your pet). *Complications from and excess weight and pet obesity is currently the leading cause of premature death and decrease in quality of life of companion animals.

  • I understand that the adjustment period for most new pets is approximately 30-60 days and I am prepared to make allowances accordingly.

  • If for any reason at any time, this adopted pet develops behavioral or emotional challenges that could result in injury to the adopted pet or any other animal or person, we require that the adopter hires a professional canine trainer or behaviorist to resolve said challenges. These challenges include, but are not limited to: reactive or aggressive behavior toward other animals or humans, growling or lunging at another animal or person with intent to harm, nipping, snapping, or biting another animal or human with intent to harm (play not included), separation anxiety resulting in destruction of property or injury to animal, unjust fear or defensive behavior toward other animals or humans, adopted pet being the receiver of aggressive or bullying behavior from another animal or human, and so on. Should the adopter not be able to hire a professional for any reason, we require the adopter contact us immediately for intervention. 

  • Should an adopter not abide by these conditions, we reserve the right to take said animal into our custody until the situation has been investigated. 

  • We are here to help! If, for any reason or at any time, I am unable to care for my adopted pet, I agree to contact Rescue Me VT INC. to return it to them or offer them the first right for placement. Katie Delp can be reached by phone at 802-777-7781 or by e-mail at


Should it come to the attention of Rescue Me VT INC. from any source that the adopter is not abiding by the terms of this agreement, or is abusing, mistreating, or neglecting this pet, Rescue Me VT INC. has the right to take the pet into protective custody while the charge is investigated. If the charge is deemed to be true and accurate, shall have the right to resume permanent ownership of the pet and adopter shall relinquish all rights and this agreement shall be terminated.


I agree to the above statements. I agree to contact Rescue Me VT INC. by phone, email, or postal mail of any changes to my address or phone numbers.


Signature __________________________________ Date__________________________


We want the pups and humans to be as happy as they can possibly be, so we are here to help make that happen! From pre-adoption through the lifetime of the pup, we​ are here to encourage and support your success!!!

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