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It is you, our fellow big-hearted, joy giving, human canine-enthusiasts, who's support enables us to do amazing work for canines and humans alike!

Welcome to the Rescue Me VT family!

Ways you can help:
Spread the love
it is a tremendous help for you to simply tell as many people as you can about us, our amazing pups, and our unique adoptive program! We have big dreams to grow so we can help even more pups and people - and you never know, the person standing behind you in line might just be a dog-loving billionaire looking for a fulfilling outlet :-D
vet bills, nutrient-rich pup food, medications/preventatives, cost of travel, puppy toys, bedding, poop bags, collars, leashes, and cleaning supplies; just some of the items that add up very quickly here at Rescue Me VT! Donating money or any of these supplies is IMMENSELY APPRECIATED!!!
We have been attending more trade-shows, events, and fundraisers than EVER before! Our team of RMVT humans are always appreciative of some helping hands and creative minds to assist at our events, come up with FUNdraising ideas {hehe, get it?}, or simply play with some puppies for some quality 'socialization' - it's great for the puppies too ;)
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